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Marketing that doesn’t cost the earth earth but has a big effect your bottom line.

Get A 24 /7 Admin Assistant

Getting Behind in your admin?  – we can help you automate 90% of the work. 

Super Simple, Super Powerful

The last thing you want to think about is is marketing – our solution makes it super simple for you to grow your business.

 You’re juggling tools, tasks, and customer queries.
Missed calls? Lost leads? Overbooked schedules?
We hear you.
But here’s the cool part – it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Skinny

We’ve combined Proven Marketing strategies with our cutting edge online Marketing Software to automate most of the tasks in your business that many Tradies struggle to find the time to do.

The best bit?

It also has the added benefit of making you more money (normally) from day one.

The Problem

You know that feeling when you’re knee-deep in a job, tools in hand, and you hear your phone buzz with a potential client inquiry? When on the job, it’s all too easy to miss those crucial calls or messages, leading to lost jobs and revenue.

The Solution

Our “Speed to Lead” automated service for Tradies.
Imagine a system tailored just for you that promptly addresses all your incoming job inquiries, no matter the time of day.
It doesn’t just respond—it provides helpful information, nurtures the lead, and can even book in job quotes or site visits on your behalf.

This means you’re always connected.
Even if you’re up on a roof, under a sink, or simply taking a well-deserved break, your potential clients are attended to and feel valued. You’re maximising your work opportunities without lifting an extra finger.

Missed Call = Missed Opportunity

Say goodbye to the nagging worry of missed calls and opportunities. Instead, feel the relief and confidence that comes with knowing your business is always responsive and on the ball, even when you’re hands-on with another task.

Don’t Miss Another Lead

That’s the dream right? Ensuring every lead, every potential job, is managed seamlessly from the moment they reach out. Making your business not just a trade, but a trusted and reliable service.

Did You Know?

78% of customers go with the business that responds to their inquiry first. If you’re not lightning-fast, you might be losing out on a significant chunk of potential work.

🔩 8 Ways We Transform Your Business

While our “Speed to Lead” service ensures you never miss out on potential business opportunities, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, it becomes even more powerful when you stack these 7 other services on top.

1. Speed to Lead

Using advanced AI and automation, we ensure every call, message, or query gets a response. You’ll never miss a beat, even if you’re in the thick of a job.

Did You Know?

You are 100 times more likely to connect with a lead in the first 5 minutes than 30 minutes.

You have x21 times less chance of converting a lead after waiting 30 minutes.

A staggering 64% of calls to businesses like yours go unanswered daily. But, what if, in those first five golden minutes, they received texts, emails, or even a voicemail?
The game changes..

2. Meet Your Customers Where They Actually Hang Out

We all know calls can be… well, a tad old school.
Let your customers shoot a text or slide into your DMs. It’s the digital age, after all!

Harness the might of Text Messaging, Facebook, Instagram DMs, What’s App, your Website and Google Business Chat. It’s like having your business in multiple locations for your customers to walk in.

Did You Know?

The integration of multiple digital touch points not only amplifies visibility, but can also increase customer retention by 60%.

3. Guard Your Good Name

In the digital age, a single review can swing the scales. With our Reputation Management, we ensure the spotlight stays on your positive feedback. And if a hiccup arises?
Our proactive system catches negative reviews before they go live, letting you address and resolve swiftly.

4. Automated Booking System

It’s your 24/7 digital secretary.
Automated, intuitive, and always on point. You just check your notifications and watch your schedule fill up.

5. Get Rewarded For A job Well-done

Referrals are the most effective form of Marketing.
With our Automated Referral Systems, your happy clients naturally become your best promoters.

6. Keep ‘Em Close

It’s not just about securing a client; it’s about the journey thereafter.
Our Customer Nurturing strategies ensure you’re not just a one-time service but a lifetime partner. Stay connected, earn repeat business, and fortify trust that lasts.

The Power Of SMS

SMS has a whopping 98% open rate.
Compared to email with a 16% open rate.
Most People Screen their calls.
So, why force customers to call when they’d rather text? 🤷

7. Your Best Asset – Past Customers!

Why hunt for new clients when you’ve there’s gold in your old contact list? We rejuvenate and reactivate, your contact list giving new life to your database.

Did You Know?

An astounding 80% of your past customers might be waiting for a nudge.
Imagine the recurring business potential!

8. Ads that Work Wonders

Gain unbeatable visibility with targeted ads on platforms like Facebook & Google. We handle everything – from crafting compelling content to setting up landing pages, you just watch the leads come in.

We’ve Got Your Back

Breathe easy. With us, you’re getting tech that’s as simple as your morning coffee routine. And anything complex? We’ve got your back.

Happy Customers

Josh Franklin

CEO Revel POS Systems

“We’re so happy that we’ve got Push That Pixel on our side. Everything they recommend or implement is informed by a larger strategy that uses cutting edge tactics to multiply our results with less effort than we thought possible. Best of all… it gives us a huge competitive advantage. Highly recommended..”

Andre Arendse

Head of Operations, Cargo Networking

“Push That Pixel were responsible for our highly praised website which we have to boast hasn’t done too badly with enquiries we’ve received as a result of very good Google ratings. We would highly recommend Marcus to assist in developing your new website.. “

Josh Rockman

Founder, Rockmans Creative Media

“Push That Pixel worked with RCM on our website, social media strategies, authority content and SEO, all with great success. His internet marketing techniques deliver a ROI, his methods are up-to date and he continually surprises us with new ways to lift our company profile, image and bottom line. If you get the chance to be one of his clients, take it!. “

A Perfect Tech Solution For Tradies

We’ve streamlined everything.
Your phone’s all you need, From managing jobs to chatting with clients.
Forget about complicated setups; we’ve got the tech side sorted.

Stay On Your Phone

Get updates, manage leads, and engage with potential clients, all from your phone. If questions pop up that only you can answer, seamlessly take over from our automated system when you can.

All-In-One Tech Suite

Our comprehensive toolkit handles everything. Ads, landing pages, automated systems – all tailored for Tradies.

Automation Galore

From showcasing your skills in ads to automating your booking system, we set it, and you forget it. Allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Strategy & Content

With us, it’s not just about tech.
We’re here to spin a tale. A tale that makes you the hero. Our content resonates, engages, and most importantly, converts.

Some Of Our Most Effective Services

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

No matter what stage of growth your business is in, we can provide you with the strategy and assistance to help you grow  

Speed to Lead

Swift responses to customer inquiries, ensuring local clients feel heard and valued immediately.

Customer Nurturing

Strengthen community ties by consistently engaging with local patrons, turning occasional shoppers into regulars.

AI Chatbots

Let a digital assistant handle the queries when you can’t, ensuring no potential customers go without a timely answer.

Cross platform

Cross-Platform Synchronisation  

One business, multiple platforms, seamless integration.

Reputation Management

Spotlight the positive feedback from your community and address any concerns.

Automated Booking Systems

Simplify appointments, allowing your customers to book services even when you’re not around to take the calls.

Database Reactivation

Re-engage past customers with personalised offers, reminding them of the great services you offer.

Social Media Ads

Showcase your local offerings with targeted ads, driving customers right to your doorstep.

Search Google Ads

Make your business the top pick in local searches, ensuring residents find you first.

Google My Business

Optimise your listing so locals can find, review, and connect with your business effortlessly.

Creative Web Development

Making Sure that your Digital Assets show you off the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know I need help with my marketing but I’m not sure who to trust?

Most Marketing Agencies aren’t out to trick you, and just take your money, they usually mean well, but aren’t aligned with your specific business and marketing needs.
Normally when marketing fails it’s due to various factors being mismatched or unoptimised.
It could be any combination of marketing message, offer, audience, tech, marketing channel, content, website or even the foundations aren’t right. It can get pretty complex.
But it doesn’t have to be.
Go with someone that takes the time to understand your brand and business goals.
Keep things simple, until you get to know them and trust that they have what it takes to grow your business and build your brand, don’t front end risk, after all if they cannot get some success with simple, why trust with them with complex?
As the comedian Bill Hicks says – If you’re going to fly, start at the ground, don’t just jump off the roof of a building!

Isn’t all this Digital Marketing stuff expensive?

We specialise in providing affordable solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business. We prioritise high ROI, ensuring that you see a return on your investment, we have a shared plan of expenditure before launching any strategies so we know what the growth goals and a shared understanding of what success looks like.

I’m not tech-savvy. All this digital marketing and AI stuff sounds complicated?

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your workday, making your business operations simpler and more efficient.
We handle the tech, so you can focus on running your business.

I value personal connections with my customers. I’m worried digital solutions might make my business feel impersonal

Our AI-driven solutions are designed to enhance personal connections, not replace them.
With tools like chatbots, we ensure immediate responses, fostering better relationships with your customers.

I’m already swamped with daily operations. How much extra time will I have to spend managing a digital marketing campaign?

We specialise in providing tools and strategies that fit effortlessly into your daily operations. Our solutions take the hassle out of marketing, saving you time in the long run.

I don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract or commitment.

We believe in flexibility and offer solutions that cater to the ever-changing needs of businesses.
We prioritise your comfort and trust in our relationship.

You mentioned going back to marketing basics, what do you mean?

There’s a lot of noise in marketing these days, it seems companies jump from trend to trend.
But if you don’t take care of the basics first as you grow- you’re just scaling chaos.

There are only 3 ways to increase profits:
1. Increase the number of customers
2. Increase the average transaction value per customer
3. Increase the number of transactions per customer
If you don’t have simple strategies that take care of the above then you are hampering your growth.

It’s important to understand your customers and how best to communicate with them, how to give them value and get value in return.
We have strategies that touch upon all of the above that are simple, effective and proven through time – we put them on steroids with AI and automation.
To find out more Click Here

My business is too small or local for this type of marketing. Isn’t this overkill?

No business is too small for growth.
We specialise in local and small businesses, ensuring that our strategies are perfectly suited for your specific needs.

I’ve heard about businesses getting negative reviews online. I don’t want to expose myself to that risk

Our reputation management tools enable you to engage with reviews and maintain a positive online image, turning potential negatives into positives.

I don’t see how AI and automation can really benefit my type of business

AI and automation can streamline many tasks, saving you time and money.
From handling enquiries to optimising marketing efforts, these tools can drive efficiency and growth in ways you might not expect.

I’ve always done things the traditional way. I’m skeptical about these new marketing methods

Traditional methods can work in tandem with digital strategies.
We blend foundational marketing techniques with modern digital solutions for optimal results.

Getting Started is a Breeze

So, local legend, ready to bridge the best of both worlds?
Your skillsand our killer digital tools.

Book a Casual Chat

Let’s talk business over a virtual coffee. No jargon, just plain speak.
If you’re local to the Illawarra, we can even meet face to face – Old School!

We Get You Set Up

Once we’re aligned, we dive into the tech side of things. Setting up, managing, optimizing – we handle the works.

Watch the Auto-Magic:

As the systems kick in, witness a surge in leads, bookings, and revenue.
All you need to do is keep being awesome at what you do..


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