3 Of The Most Powerful Marketing Concepts

Simple Frameworks For Amazing growth

3 Of The Most Powerful Marketing Concepts

Pretty big claim right?

Here’s the deal.

Adding any one of these fundamentals to your business will create growth.

Adding and sticking to all 3 can not help but significantly grow your business.

Most of the time when Marketing doesn’t work or is largely ineffective, it’s because the strategy behind the marketing is also ineffective – or in many cases there is no strategy at all.

We could go on at length about what all the elements of an amazing strategy looks like, but heck, we know you’re busy – so instead, here’s 3 concepts that if employed into any marketing strategy, you’ll be off to an amazing start.

Concept 1: The Only 3 Ways To Increase Profits.

1. Increase the number of customers

2. Increase the number of transactions per customer

3. Increase the average transaction value per customer

Notice that it’s based around selling more, and all three need to be fuelled by marketing for growth?

Yet so many business don’t make marketing a priority – and then they wonder why their business isn’t growing like they wished it was.

If you don’t have simple strategies that are trying to increase all three of the above then you are hampering your growth. – The trick is knowing which tactics and marketing channels to use for the best effect.

If you don’t have a way to measure all of the above, then you are also hampering your growth.

Note: You can also SAVE money in your business to increase the cashflow and net profits – but that doesn’t generate profits it’s just means you are more efficient with the money that you have.

Concept 2: The 4 R’s Of Marketing

There are many different frameworks and models for marketing strategies. We like the 4R’s, because they cover 4 fundamentals of marketing, and are simple to understand.

Each of these marketing systems can account for between 25-70% percent annual growth on their own, and when combined have a compounding effect that makes it very realistic to ignite annual growth above 100 percent.


Your reputation is your most valuable asset.

Your reputation has never been more powerful to convert into customers OR more vulnerable to damage that has REAL consequences.


What are you doing to make sure that more people know about you today than yesterday?

What are you doing to influence they’re decision to do business with you?


Your Customers are responsible for all of your growth.

Resell is about Increasing Conversions. Up-Sells, Cross Sells, Subscriptions and Relationships.

The difference between an average business and an amazing business.


The most powerful marketing. Referrals convert more quickly, spend more and return more frequently than other customers!

And here’s the kicker, it’s also one of the easiest things to set up and automate.

What are you doing in your business for each of these Four R’s?
Do you have at least one process or strategy for each of these?

Concept 3: The Strategy Of Strategy

This is the most powerful concept and one that covers all of business.
If you take one thing away from this page this is it.

Every decision in business is an investment decision.

The Ideal is to know how to do the least amount of input for the most amount of output.

So Pay Attention To The Metrics That Matter

Therefore you need a way of measuring your efforts and planning how best to allocate the resources of time, money and attention.
We call this focusing on the Metrics that Matter.

Given the constraints of money and technology, in Marketing, as best as possible you should be tracking your ideal customer’s entire sales journey.

In other words, mapping out the various paths to purchase and identifying which ones are the most profitable, for the least cost of resources.

By focusing on the metrics that matter, you make the best use of your time, your money and your attention, these are your most important finite resources.

Integrating These Into Your Business

The Power of 3

All of the strategies that we create for our Clients take into account these 3 concepts as core principals 

As Unique As You Are

Every business is unique with it’s own needs and customers. So are the strategies we create for our clients

Effective and Affordable

Thanks to Automation and AI – most of the heavy lifting can be set up to run automatically,

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