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So What Can The Power Of Video Do For You?

OK to demonstrate the power of video we’re going to start with a bunch of stats… Ready?[space px=”-10″] [list type=”arrow”]

  • Technology research firm In-Stat suggests massive growth in the potential market for online video content moving from 13 million households worldwide in 2005 to 131 million households in 2010.

 According to Hitwise, YouTube is the second biggest search engine  in the world with 15 hours of video being uploaded to the site every minute.[space px=”10″]
  • In April of 2009 more than 152 million internet users watched an average of 111 videos each.
[space px=”-10″]Also In April of 2009;[space px=”-10″]
  • US internet users watched 16.8 billion videos.[space px=”10″]
  • The average online video viewer watched 385 minutes of video. This is almost six and a half hours of video per person.
[/list] [frame linking=”default” align=”right” type=”simple”]You tube is an example of the power of video[/frame]

And here’s the bit that will surprise most…

[list type=”goldstar”][space px=”-10″]
  • YouTube only made up 40% of the total video viewed! Think about that for a sec, this is for total videos VIEWED not uploaded on to a website – this means that the majority of videos viewed are on websites throughout the web.[space px=”10″]
  • Now in 2010 YouTube alone gets a minimum of 1 billion views a day.[space px=”10″]
  • For the first time ever, Australians are spending more time online than watching television.
[/list] [box_content]

Worldwide, there is a clear upwards trend in the consumption of video content online and there are no signs of a slow down, giving plenty of fuel to the power of video.[/box_content][space px=”20″]

Why Video?

Websites often need to convey sophisticated and complex information. Online studies have proven that such information can be communicated more effectively through the use of video, as opposed to the use of text and graphics only.[space px=”-20″] [box] [box_header]

You Can Use The Power Of Video To:

[/box_header] [box_content] [list type=”goldstar”]
  • Showcase your business; on your website, YouTube or any of the 100’s of popular video sharing sites worldwide as value added downloads and much more![space px=”5″]
  • Build instant rapport and trust with your client.[space px=”5″]
  • Demonstrate your products and services.[space px=”5″]
  • Deliver your message innovatively and effectively to your clients.[space px=”5″]
  • Increase traffic to your website.[space px=”5″]
  • Heighten your customers online experience.[space px=”5″]
  • Keep customers on your website for longer.[space px=”5″]
  • Record testimonials increasing the authenticity of the message.[space px=”5″]
  • Guide users through complex procedures.[space px=”5″]
  • Deliver compelling calls to action.[space px=”5″]
  • Create powerful branding messages.[space px=”5″]
  • Communicate a product’s value proposition.[space px=”5″]
  • Promote new events, features, etc.[space px=”5″]
[/list][/box_content] [box]

But just making a video for the sake of  it, is self defeating. Video for the web needs to serve the site it sits in. It’s not enough to deliver a fancy-looking movie on a site’s home page. Instead, video must be part of an overall strategy for the particular page it appears on. With a clear strategy in place online video can provide many benefits:

[space px=”-20″][box] [box_header]

The Advantages:

[/box_header] [box_content] [list type=”check”]
  • Generate more leads.
  • Increase website conversion rates.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Enhance brand recognition and value.
  • Much more cost effective than traditional TV Marketing.
  • Engaging and entertaining way to deliver your message.
  • Easily accessed by your website visitors and available on demand.
  • Clearly demonstrates the visual aspects of your products and services.
  • Easily reinforces and adds personality to your brand.
[/list][/box_content] [space px=”20″]

Once online video is subjected to some measure of accountability it becomes an important revenue-generating element for a website with its own conversion metric and ROI (return on investment) model.

Okay, so ignoring the fact that a well implemented Video Marketing campaign will always increase the amount of traffic to your website – let’s look at the other vital factors that are needed on a successful website –  Increasing Conversion!

Simply put, increasing conversion is the most cost effective way of growing revenue for a site, and an engaging video is the fastest most effective way of increasing conversion.[space px=”-20″]


[frame linking=”default” align=”left” type=”simple”]the old and the new the power of video marketing[/frame]The Power Of Video Will Significantly Improve Website Conversion.

Videos and rich media are compelling, highly effective tools for conveying complex information, grabbing users’ attention and increasing time spent per user on a website. This has the added benefit of ‘site stickiness”. The longer your visitors spend on your website, the more Google will reward your site by giving it a higher ranking in the search results.

In today’s fast-paced world, online visitors have low attention spans and a high amount of data & information presented to them.
Online video, audio and interactive flash applications have been proven to be the most powerful tools for engaging and educating online visitors.

A very short video clip can WOW your customers. Present “how to” demonstrations and explain the process, functionality, usage or ideas to your users to spur them into action.

This has been found to be without doubt the most effective and powerful way to create an instant and lasting impression, making online videos a great opportunity for conversion.

This is simply a basic summary of the sheer power of video on the internet… [space px=”-15″] [box_header]Why not CLICK MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION to see what video services we can create for you.
Or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US and start a conversation about what the power of video can do for your business.


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